Monday, July 26, 2010

Why this blog?

Mindfulness is a way to approach life by fully appreciating what is happening right now. It is the act of paying attention. When I eat mindfully, I find that I am satisfied with less, but am also more demanding of quality, flavor, aroma, and texture. Real foods appeal when I pay attention, so this makes deciding what to eat a joy – even though I am eating to slowly lose weight.

This blog will be dedicated to discovering, cooking, and eating really good food with an eye to keeping quality high while experimenting with what I can tweak to lower the calories a bit without sacrificing flavor. I will not use sugar substitutes. I will not make anything that is fat free - sometimes fat is a critical element. I will not bother making anything considered dietetic. That is such an antiseptic word and should not be associated with real food. I intend to create food that is a feast for every sense so that it will be satisfying for the soul. Writing about it is just one way of paying close attention.

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