Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mindfully Grape

I was hungry for a mid-morning snack and decided that fruit was what I wanted. As a mindfully aware consumer of deliciousness I stopped and before I even opened the fridge, I held an internal debate with myself over which beautiful fruit to enjoy, but once the door was opened the decision was made for me as front and center in a pretty red plastic bowl was a mountain of freshly washed red seedless grapes. Did not even bother looking at the layer of goodies in the fruit drawer itself because I had to have those grapes.

Before my experiment in mindfulness, I would have grabbed the bowl from the fridge and noshed until I was done. Not a very mindful way to eat. 

Mindful eating intentionally engages all the senses. So I individually selected small clusters of grapes and arranged them on the small black stoneware plate until I was satisfied with the presentation. 

Then I sat in my favorite chair feeling the pop as each plump orb separated from its stem. The contrast of the crispy crunchy outside and the juicy insides with the accompanying burst of aroma and flavor was intensely satisfying.

This was so much more than just a snack because I didn't mindlessly grab a handful of grapes, I created a beautiful and delicious treat and enjoyed it well from start to finish.

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