Monday, July 4, 2011

Rocket Burgers

These burgers are the most delicious things I have ever had. It is impossible to mindlessly nosh. The textures, aromas, and colors rock this burger.

To make four fabulous burgers:

1 pound* of ultra lean organic grass fed ground beef or bison meat as you prefer
2 T or so of your favorite steak sauce
1-2 T or so of your favorite southwest seasoning - I love using Prudhomme's Meat Magic. Technically that may be Cajun, but I found that it's perfect used here.
1-3 jalapenos** - depends upon the size, how hot they happen to be, and if you like jalapenos, slice and remove the seeds and membranes if you want to cut the heat.


Your favorite BBQ sauce to brush on the burgers while they cook
4 thick slices super sharp cheddar cheese
8 (or more) thick cut super lean Applewood Smoked Bacon
4 slices of the best tomato possible
slices of onion

* when my son is having dinner with us the burgers must be bigger, so I get two pounds of beef and make six very large thick burgers. Just adjust the seasonings accordingly.

**If someone in our family is not a jalapeno eater, you have my condolences. You don't have to put the jalapenos inside the burgers though. You can de-seed, slice, and put them on the table with the tomatoes, onions, and bacon.

What to do:

Mix the burger, sauce, seasoning, and jalapenos up in a bowl using your hands to thoroughly incorporate everything. Inhale deeply. You should not mostly smell meat. It should make you say "Dang! That smells great!" If it doesn't, add more steak sauce and seasoning. Shape these into four burger patties and set in the fridge on a plate covered with plastic wrap until you are ready to grill them. Set aside four nice slices of super sharp cheddar cheese and have them ready to melt on the burgers.

While the grill is heating up, cook 8 pieces of the best thick cut bacon you can find - preferably an Applewood Smoked Bacon. Set aside covered when done and hold til dinner along with four thick slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Also, slice some tomatoes and onions either to add to the burger or eat on the side. If you like avocado, some slices of that are great too - just remember to squish a fresh lime over them to keep them from browning.

When the grill is ready, brush the burgers with your favorite barbecue sauce and grill. Brush with more sauce as they grill finish by melting the cheese on the top with the grill lid closed. When done bring to the table and serve with more barbecue sauce, steak sauce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos.

These are perfect when served with my garlic oven fries - better still when served with both the regular and sweet potato oven fries! A few extra slices of tomato is a great idea as well.

Why are they called Rocket Burgers? The burger was part of an advertising campaign put out by the Texas grocer HEB when Roger Clemens was an Houston Astro and they had him make this for the commercial as an ad for their beef. For a while there, we called them Turncoat Burgers because of his defection to that New York team that will remain nameless. But, we have forgiven him a little now since he suffered so much in the steroid scandal and now call them Rocket Burgers once again.

If you are going to have a burger, have one done the right way, don't fuss the calories (just have them less often) - don't forget to slowly and mindfully enjoy every last wonderful bite.
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  1. Thses burgers sound great. Will definitely give them a try on my next cookout.