Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mangling the Egg Veggie Mountain

Eggs put up quite a fight if not treated with due respect. They fight, they bleed, they refuse to conform to the best intentions of the cook. You can kind of push them back into something that resembles the intended perfection of an over-easy egg... kind of.

Defiant eggs stand proudly mangled on my plate, taunting me by proclaiming to the world that "This 'cook' is NOT a good flipper of food." Kind of snotty things, eggs. They were still dratted tasty though!

Egg Veggie Mountain should have been two lovely over-easy eggs casually drooling their hot yet still liquid yolks throughout a mountain of spicy sauteed veggies. Oops.

1 comment:

  1. I found a trick that works every time. Simply put a lid on the pan and wait a few minutes (2 or 3) depending on how well cooked you want your eggs. I use a non-stick pan. When you pick up the lid you will see the perfect, very submissive, over easy eggs waiting for you. No muss, no fuss. Enjoy. (Will inspire awe and wonder if done early and no one sees how you pulled it off at 6AM)