Saturday, August 7, 2010

Maple Goodness

Breakfast is usually oatmeal with almond butter or eggs and whole wheat English muffins. Today I did a rare thing and made French Toast! Rare in part because I don't want to start the day with an excess of dishes and rare because of my consciousness of daily calories. I mixed two fabulous Country Hen eggs (a whole post on these beauties one day!) with some Very Vanilla Silk Soy Milk, dipped in a few slices of whole wheat berry bread and grilled them over medium high heat with a pat of butter in a non-stick pan til they were the level of brown that I prefer - in other words, not too brown.

I used to slather the typical syrups on pancakes and French Toast, but as I am removing items that have marginal qualifications as whole and real foods from my diet, I avoid high fructose corn syrup. These lovely toasts have been given a glistening drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup from Maple Grove Farms, far more flavor than the puckeringly sweet "taste" of HFC. If you have not tried pure maple syrup, do not expect the flavor to be like the "maple flavored" syrups usually served. They are maple flavored in name only. Take the time to enjoy your food today!

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